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Center for Intercultural Life


Tianna Cervantez

Director of Multicultural Student Advisement

2 East South Street

Galesburg, IL 61401-4999



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A Space Thriving for Multiculturalism and Inclusivity


Diversity is an important part of the Knox experience, as diversity is one of the core values of Knox. Drawing from 48 states and 51 countries, Knox's student body is a wonderful mix of cultures and backgrounds. The Center for Intercultural Life works to meet the needs and concerns of multicultural students, women, and international students. The Center for Intercultural Life is part of the Knox College Office of Student Development. The Center for Intercultural Life is located at 161 West South Street.

It is the mission of the center to be a safe space for all students of color, a central hub for them to relax, work, hold events, and meet with the staff that reside within the building. The center is a resource to the diverse student body, a place that they cannot find solace in but feel like their existence matters on the Knox College Campus.

Along with advising students of color on campus, the Center for Intercultural life works with the cultural clubs and religious clubs on campus. The staff is here to regulate as well as help groups through ideas, tough times, and the general inter-workings of their club. From frequent meetings with the exec board and constant check-ups on the status of the clubs, the center is there for them to use a resource and connection with the broader audience on campus. The center becomes a conduit for each group's progression to attract and obtain the attendance, views, and perspectives of the general student body. Essentially, these clubs know that they are not only in the endeavors of creating programs and achieving their overall goal.

Open to all students on campus the center is a special to resource to students here at Knox. Make an appointment, take a seat on the couches, learn about the diversity on campus, or just stop by to say "hi" to the staff. The center is in existence for the student.


The CIL is a result of a renewed Knox. Created in the summer of 2001 along with several other centers on campus. Tianna Cervantez has been working within the center for six years, creating various programs and supporting students in their academic and social endeavors.

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