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David Bunde

Associate Professor and Chair of Computer Science

2 East South Street

Galesburg, IL 61401-4999



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Major, Minor

Computer science in today's world is broad-based, fast-paced, and crucial to the functioning of everyday life. Computer scientists will be called upon to solve problems in almost every aspect of life, including other people's problems. A computer science major at a liberal arts institution combines a firm grounding in the tools of computer science with an appreciation of its connections to other fields.

A liberal arts education gives you the flexibility to deal with the rapid rate of technological change. Knox offers a major in computer science as well as a general minor, which do more than train you to use today's computers -- it educates you, the designer of the next generation of computer technology.

The Program

The computer science major and minor integrate the theoretical and applied aspects of the field through completion of the following:

  • Introductory computer science courses in problem solving, data structures, and programming.
  • Core computer science courses in algorithms, software development, computer organization, information management, operating systems, and networks.
  • Advanced courses such as computer graphics, operating systems, compilers, artificial intelligence, networks, software engineering, computer security.
  • Support courses in areas such as discrete mathematics, digital electronics, and symbolic logic.

The field of computer science is closely allied with mathematics and other sciences, and has important applications in most disciplines. This is reflected in the variety of second majors chosen by computer science students at Knox, which include mathematics, physics, music, art, modern languages, economics, creative writing and international relations.


Computer science students at Knox have access to the tools and resources necessary to stay up-to-date in the rapidly evolving field, including:

  • A variety of multiprocessor Xeon departmental servers running Linux for computer science classes and research.
  • A 480-core parallel system for general-purpose graphics card programming.
  • Honors project office for undergraduate research.
  • Student lab with Intel-based iMacs.
  • A reconfigurable "crash and burn" lab for advanced systems and networking classes.

The College's library system is built around the curriculum and offers more than a quarter million books and 687 periodicals, including 35 journals in the field of computer science.Knox College has both a campus-wide, fiber-optic Ethernet network and a wireless network that link all academic buildings and student residences.

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Professor John Dooley and student, in a computer science class.
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